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Zombie Slots for Iphone & Ipad
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Zombie Slots

Everyone loves to play slots, but many of the themes are boring. No one wants to watch a bunch of cherries and sevens spin around the reels. Zombies are some of the most fascinating creatures because they were once dead and now they are living dead. Zombie Slots has figured out a way to weave the best of everything into one game that will keep you on your toes for as long as you want to play.

The Zombie Slots game is available for iPhone and iPad. It’s a free app from iTunes, so there is no need to worry about paying a ton of money for a game. You get to play for free and spin to watch the zombies as you try and win money.

With the download, you automatically access two versions of the slots: Zombie Slots and Zombie Pets. Each one works in the same way, but the overall graphics change within the games. There’s no extra charge to get the duo.

The game is rated 12+ and that’s because of some of the violence as well as the horror theme. If you’re not a fan of zombies, then you won’t appreciate the game. However, if you love them as much as the designers, then you are going to love playing the game – and will likely want to keep pressing your luck for hours on end.

The slot operates in English, allowing you to figure out what’s going on at all times. You can read through the instructions that are provided with the download or figure things out as you go along.

There are 20 pay lines for you to be able to play. You can choose how many you want to play depending on whether you are trying to preserve your money or not. If you want the chance to win big, you will want to play all 20 pay lines because that will give you the most opportunities to get a winning combination. It’s also possible to win on more than one line at a time.

The casino game is not for real money, but does provide the simulation of real money. You are given a certain amount of money to start off. If you win, it gets added to the amount you have to play with. If you run out, there is always the opportunity to buy more “money” so that you can enjoy spinning more times. A bag of 3200 coins is only $2.99, allowing you to play affordably without going broke in the process.

A pay table is featured within Zombie Slots, allowing you to see what kinds of combinations you can make within the living dead. Big Win combinations will do just what you think they will – let you win big! This makes it even more fun to play because you can watch your money grow as you hit some of the great big combinations.

The graphics within the Zombie Slots are a lot of fun. You will find some animated zombies that are a little cute while others are a little horrific looking. There are also graves, knives, and other icons to help you with some winning combinations. Each spin can reveal some new graphics to help keep the game as exciting as can be.

When you do hit a winning combination that is capable of paying out big money, there is a huge announcement across the screen, announcing “BIG WIN!” This allows you to know that your bank is about to get a lot bigger. The sounds help you to know that something incredible has just happened and this propels the excitement into another round. You also have the ability to control the volume at the top of the app.

If you don’t feel like clicking on the spin button each time, the app does offer an ‘Auto Spin’ feature. When you activate this, you will be able to sit back and watch the reels spin automatically. The spins will stop when you say so or when there is no more money left in your account. It’s a convenient way to play to win without being caught up in pressing the button every time.

The game is less than 40 MB, so it’s not going to take up that much room on your phone or tablet. It’s also going to download quickly, so that you can begin playing right away.

The zombies aren’t that bright, which is what makes this game so much fun. With each spin, you hear the common zombie groan until the reels come to a stop. If you win, you collect your winnings and move on.

You have to love Zombies for Zombie Slots and once you win a few times, you will love playing with the living dead on your iOS device. It’s a free app, so it’s worth exploring.